Our parish here at St Clement of Rome rejoices and prays with you at this happy time for your child. Your desire for baptism is part of the journey you make with your child in the great unfolding of life. 


At baptism, your child is enveloped in God's love. He/She is brought to Jesus Christ in a very intimate way and becomes a member of Christ's family, the Church.


By seeking baptism for your child you promise to teach your child to love God. You promise to raise your child in the Catholic way of life. You also pray for the grace to be good parents, because as the baptism ceremony says, you are the "first teachers in the ways of faith".


Parent's role in Baptism

Parents have important responsibilities as the primary teachers of the faith in a child's life. In daily living, Parents help with their child's faith. They set an example of Christian living by their words and actions and show true Christian devotion to their children by fostering a spirit of kindness and forgiveness. You give spiritual support as your child grows in faith and provide for education in Catholic faith.


Godparent's role in Baptism

The Godparents help present the young child or infant to the Church. They profess their own faith and renounce evil in the name of the young infant being baptised. Godparents represent the entire faith community.


Godparents must be;

* Members of the Catholic Church

* Fully initiated (they must have received Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation)

* Mature enough to assume the responsibilities involved (must be 16 years of age)

* Actively practising their faith


Baptism Ceremony

On the baptism day, parents usually provide a white garment, a stole and also a baptismal candle. The stole is placed on the child immediately after baptism to signify purification and victory over sin and death. The candle signifies the light of faith, which is entrusted the parents and godparents who receive it on behalf of the newly baptised child. There will also be an opportunity for family members to take part in readings and prayers.


Baptism Procedure


Baptisms take place in two parts over two weekends every month (no Baptisms will be held in month of January)


Part A

Welcoming and anointing - Third Saturday of the month at 5.30pm Mass.


Part B

Baptism - Fourth Saturday of the month at 5.30pm Mass or Sunday at 12.30pm.


The current Parish policy : a maximum of four baptisms at each service. Parents may nominate their preference of Mass on a first-come-first-served basis.


Preparation of Parents 

An information night will be held on Tuesday before the welcoming weekend at 7pm each month. This must be attended by both parents and godparents.



It is a requirement of the church that at least one parent is baptised Catholic. Parents need to produce documentary proof of their baptism. Those who live outside the parish of St Clement of Rome, should obtain a letter of permission from your local parish to be able to baptise your child at St Clement's.


Godstart Program

The Godstart program acknowledges and supports our families' faith journey. Your child will receive a card on their birthdays together with suggestions for parents to talk to their children about God. We invite you to join us at the Blessing Masses we hold during the year, to meet other young families.


Offertory Gift

The suggested minimum offertory gift to the Church is $200.00 (includes a stole and a candle).


To organize a baptism, please read the guidelines. Then download and complete an application form and contact the Parish Office.