Death, my children, is not an unwelcoming step. For us, death is the

                     opening of the door to love, Love with a capital letter, the door to happiness,

                     rest, and joy. We shouldn't look forward to it with fear. Death isn't the end,

                     it's the beginning. For Christians, dying doesn't mean dying: it means Living.

                     Living with a capital letter. So dont be afraid of death.


                                                                                                                St Josemaria Escriva




Funerals at St Clement's faithfully follow the ritual of the Catholic Church's liturgy and so seek to offer the greatest possible spiritual support to the grieving families and friends of the person who has died.


Funeral Masses normally take place on weekdays, in the morning just after the morning Mass. The Church is not available for funerals after 1pm during School terms.  Bookings to be done through the Parish Office by the Funeral Directors and the usual church contribution for a funeral is $300.00. Provision for the Priest to be discussed with the Priest who is celebrating the funeral. This includes a Memorial Mass for the deceased if the family decide to have one.


An appointment has to be made for the family to meet the Priest to discuss the procedure of the funeral. A booklet should be prepared to assist all present to participate fully and actively. The booklet needs to be approved by the Priest prior to printing.