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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. We, at the Parish of  St Clement of Rome welcome you to celebrate this day in our beautiful Church. Our Parish Community wishes you well and we pray that, God will bless your marriage and life together.




If you would like to make an initial inquiry about getting married, please contact the Parish Office. Marriages are normally celebrated on a Saturday or Sunday. The wedding registration form can be downloaded from the website.


Documents Required 

Both Bride and Groom must obtain the following documents so that the marriage papers can be prepared by your Celebrant.


Government Requirements 

a) Notice of intended marriage - Usually the Celebrant for your wedding will help you complete this form. The form is to be signed by both parties.


b) Birth Certificate or current Passport - Both parties require an official certificate showing the date and place of their birth and the registration number. 


Church Requirements

a) Baptism Certificate - If both parties are baptised they will both require a Baptism Certificate. For a marriage to proceed at St. Clement's at least one of the parties must be a baptised Catholic and both parties be free to marry i.e. both have never been validly married before. 


b) Pre-Nuptial enquiry form - This will be filled in with the priest who is preparing the couple for their marriage.


c) Application for a dispensation - This will be required when one of the parties is not a Catholic.The priest preparing the couple for their wedding will prepare and handle the necessary application.


d) Marriage preparation program - A suitable program is to be undertaken. The Priest helping the couple plan their wedding will provide information about these.


e) Letter of Freedom - This is required for all Catholics not living in St Clement's Parish. This is to be obtained from the bride's or groom's parish.



Booking the Church

This should be done well ahead of the planned wedding date and through the Parish Office.


Offering for use of the Church

Couples wanting to get married at St. Clement's are asked to make a financial contribution of for the Church and the Priest, who celebrates the wedding. A deposit to be made at the time of booking and registration and the balance is due one month before the wedding. Please fill in the registration form given below and email it to us. Your booking is confirmed once you have paid the deposit and completed the form. Available payment methods are cash, cheque or credit card. For any reason, if you wish to cancel your booking, you should ring the Parish Office as early as possible.


Ceremony or Nuptial Mass

The type of Church ceremony is decided upon by the bride and groom in consultation with the celebrant.


Wedding Booklet

If you would like to prepare an order of service booklet, the celebrant will be able to assist you, however it needs to be approved by the celebrant prior to printing.



Two witnesses over the age of 18 years are required to sign the marriage register.



Rehearsal day and time will be arranged with you to take place just prior to the wedding.



You are free to personally organise with a florist to have customised flower arrangements delivered on the day of the wedding.



It is best to check your choice of music for your wedding with the celebrant before you finalise your selection with your musicians.


Photographs & video

Photographs may only be taken by a photographer who has agreed to follow the standard practice relating to photography in all churches.  The same applies for video photography. Guests should be encouraged to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony.



No confetti, rice or rose petals may be thrown in the Church or in the Church grounds. Bubble blowing and rose petals are permitted outside the Church. You are asked to advise your guests accordingly.

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