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Are you a Catholic who has been away from the Church for some time?


Do you have questions about God, Jesus, Scripture, the Gospel, Christian spirituality, the Catholic Church, life/or death?


Are you searching for a deeper meaning in your life?


Did you miss out on receiving some of the sacraments or religious education?


Are you just looking for a deeper relationship with God or making sense of your faith and experience?

Then please click the link below to see the details of our program.


The Celebration of Rite of Election held on 1st March 2020 at St Patrick's Cathedral

The Rite of Election was held at St Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday 1 March at 2.30 pm.  A total of 139 Catechumens and 73 Candidates were welcomed to the Cathedral as part of their preparation for Adult Confirmations.  Scot Nottle, from our Parish, was presented and is due to receiving his full Sacraments at our Parish on Easter Saturday 11 April 2020.  A photo of Scot with other Catechumens and the Archbishop of Melbourne is attached.

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