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After School Sacramental Program

At St Clement of Rome Parish, we offer this program for children who attend                      non-catholic schools and prepare them to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation,      First Eucharist, and Confirmation. This has been developed in line with the current archdiocesan policy and guidelines for the sacramental preparation and initiation of school-aged children.
Reconciliation For the children in grade 3 (must be baptised catholic)
The Catholic Church requires that a child receives the sacrament of Reconciliation before receiving First Eucharist. Reconciliation allows us all to renew and celebrate the fact that God remains loving and continuously calls us to transform as God's children, so that we can live more freely, hopefully, and faithfully knowing that we are greatly loved by God and valued by the Church community. It celebrates our need for forgiveness and our willingness to forgive.
First Eucharist - For the children in grade 4 (must have received the sacrament of Reconciliation)
The First Eucharist, which is sharing in the Body and Blood of the Lord at Mass for the first time, is the climax of the Christian initiation process. Eating and drinking at the Lord's table affirm our belonging fully to the Christian community. In a most powerful, real, and significant way, the sacredness of who we are in relation to God and each other is celebrated. We are then strengthened to live these very same truths in our daily lives compassionately and generously.
Confirmation - For the children in grade 6 (must have received the sacrament of Reconciliation & First Eucharist)
This sacrament of initiation continues what began at our Baptism. Confirmation empowers us to follow Jesus as well as live the mission which Jesus left to us. Pentecost celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit which is a significant symbol in confirmation and represents the spreading of the word of God. God's Spirit we believe has, is, and will always move in with and through us. 
The preparation program for the above Sacraments is a commitment between family and child that involves working through the resources provided by the Parish. In general, each sacrament has a 7-10 weeks comfortable time frame for this to be achieved and these books will be used to finalise the sacramental preparation.  Please note that all events require compulsory attendance. Please see the full details on the link below.
For inquiries, please contact the Parish Office on 9850 3262.


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